Just Like The 4 Seasons, Any Changes At Home Mean New Beginnings

Because sometimes, a little change is a good thing.  Just like Chicago’s 4 Seasons, any changes at home means new beginnings.  

Did you know that when you update and give a room in your home a new pop of color, it can lighten up and change your mood?  

So when the days start getting gray, and the weather starts getting cold, add a little pop of color to one of your rooms.  4 Seasons Painting and Landscape designs can definitely help you with that.

Check out the gallery below for the before and after projects of 4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design.

4 Seasons Sample Landscaping And Patio Designs:




4 Seasons Sample Mantle Installation and Update:



4 Seasons Sample Kitchen Updates:



4 Seasons Sample Painting Projects:



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Need A Porch Fix? 4 Seasons Is For You!

Yep, you read right. If you are in need of a porch fix,  4 Seasons is for you.  For real.  Porches are some of the things we take lightly and not really bother about.  But, bear in mind that the first thing people notice is your front yard and your porch.  And as they say, you are what you wear – well in this case, you are what your porch is.  What I am trying to say is, if you are putting your porch on the backseat to have it fixed, now is the time to have it done.  

Check out a 4 Seasons Porch fix in Chicago below.


The original porch was dark mossy green which we painted white using a Behr Exterior paint called Road Runner.  We also painted the sides same as the color of the lattice and did some fixing on the concrete side.



What are you waiting for, have that porch fixed.  We got you!

Landscaping Project in Edgewater

Check out this gorgeous landscaping project we designed and installed in Edgewater!

During installation, we made sure each plant was in the proper location for sun exposure and was angled to showcase its beauty. We planted a beautiful Japanese Maple along with a variety of shrubs and grasses in the front yard, as well as gorgeous handpicked flagstone pavers with shimmer to add dimension to the space.
Along the side, we installed Boxwoods and Hydrangeas alternating to add pops of color.
In the backyard, we added outstanding trees and shrubs that will bloom at different times throughout the seasons. I love the Skyland Spruce it adds so much color and uniqueness to the space. And always a favorite is a Smoke Bush with it’s glowing red tones that glisten in the sun. We finished up with mulching and ensured each plant showed its best side.
We were incredibly happy with the work we did in the space and so were the clients! It looks even more beautiful now that the plants have taken root. 

Now is the season to spruce up your space
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Painting, Tiling, Flooring & More!

As the weather cools down, we’re beginning to put down our shovels and pick up our paintbrushes. 4 Seasons offers a wide variety of indoor home improvement services, including painting (residential & commercial), tiling, flooring, wallpaper and more. Take a look below for samples of our most recent work.

Custom-built fireplace mantle
Custom-built fireplace mantle


Wallpapered accent wall
Wallpapered accent wall


Installed new tile for the kitchen floor
Installed new tile for the kitchen floor


Painted walls and floors of Scooters Custard in Chicago
Painted walls and floors of Scooters Custard in Chicago

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Kitchen Floor Tile Installation in Chicago

We installed new floor tile for this client’s kitchen in Chicago. After removing their old floor, we found that the subfloor was missing, so we installed a new subfloor before installing their new flooring tile on top. This particular floor tile is an affordable option for someone who desires a hardwood look but has a tighter budget.





Take a look at more samples of our flooring work here.

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See more samples of our painting work here.


See more samples of our tiling work here.


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Front Garden Clean-Up & Installation in Chicago

Last month, we cleaned out this front bed and defined its edges. Then we installed a new garden for these clients in Chicago. This garden design features a variety of color and seasonal interest with the shrubs and trees I chose.

Here is their space before we started working:


And here’s a look at our finished product:






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Outdoor Painting Project, July 2016

We painted the banisters, railings and doors of this home to give it a clean, fresh look for better curb appeal.

Outdoor Painting Projects, July 2016 Outdoor Painting Projects, July 2016 Outdoor Painting Projects, July 2016 Outdoor Painting Projects, July 2016 Outdoor Painting Projects, July 2016

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Front & Back Landscaping, and Patio Painting in Chicago

Earlier this month, we installed new front and back landscape gardens for this client in Chicago. Here’s a photo of their front yard before we got to work. Keep scrolling to see her garden after!


As you can see, we removed a lot of their shrubbery and trimmed their trees to let more sunlight through for their new shrubs.

Front & Back Landscaping and Patio Painting in Chicago

Front & Back Landscaping and Patio Painting in Chicago

We also cleaned and painted their back patio and installed new shrubs around the border.

Front & Back Landscaping and Patio Painting in Chicago

L1012844 L1012871

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UPDATE: Here are some photos of the patio with the client’s furniture!

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