Painting in Chicago

We just finished painting this condo in Chicago not too long ago. The client wanted to keep most of the walls neutral but we did add an olive green accent wall in the kitchen. We think it adds just the right amount of color and interest to the kitchen while also bringing in some of the tones from the connecting living room. What do you think?

Painting December 2014

Painting December 2014

Painting December 2014

Painting December 2014 Painting December 2014

Call 773-517-1198 to schedule your FREE painting estimate! Every painting contract comes with a free color consultation where I will help you find the colors you are looking for – to compliment the rest of your décor or advise you on what the paint will look like once it’s dry. Quite a few of my clients have found this to be very helpful.

It’s not too early to schedule a landscape design estimate either. Especially since we haven’t gotten much snow this winter, we can take a look in your yard, talk about what you’re looking for and I can put together a design that will be ready to be implemented once the warmer months arrive. If you know you want a new landscape design in the spring, I highly recommend scheduling an estimate now before things start to get busy and my schedule starts to fill up. Call 773-517-1198 or e-mail me to set up your FREE appointment!

I’m in the Winter Issue of Faerie Magazine!

Faerie Mag winter issue_6_6 JPG


Check out the winter issue of Faerie Magazine to see an article on my Repurposed Christmas Tree Lady – a great way to reuse your Christmas tree after the holidays. It is such an honor to be featured in this beautiful magazine once again.

Don’t forget to schedule a free painting estimate and/or landscape design estimate before the busy spring season starts back up. Estimates are always free and painting contracts come with a free color consultation. It can be tricky figuring out what different shades will look like once they’re dry, but I have helped many clients find just the right hue they wanted. Call 773-517-1198 or e-mail me to set up an appointment!

[Photo taken by Jim Meacci]

Our Top Pins of 2014

1. Container gardens on my front stoop

top pins 2014 (1)

My most popular pin is one of my very own front porch! Container gardens are a simple way to bring beauty to almost any space. Plants are available for both sunny and shady areas, as well as all variations of maintenance requirements. Low maintenance succulents are perfect if you don’t have much time to water or often forget and they come in a variety of colors and textures. Small evergreens are perfect for the holidays and also bring fragrant

2. Repurposed Christmas tree

top pins 2014 (2)

Next up is a picture of a dress form I decorated with branches from my old Christmas tree. I loved the way it kept the scent of the branches in our home for weeks, and also made a unique decoration for our yard later. This is a wonderful way to go green and reuse your own Christmas tree.

Recently, this same dress form was featured in Faerie Magazine‘s winter issue! You might remember a few months ago when my Succulent Lady was also featured in this magazine. I am truly honored and so excited that they have chosen another of my creations for their beautiful and whimsical magazine.

Jim Meacci, the talented photographer who took this beautiful photo, has a show coming up this Friday, December 5th at Tamarkin Camera titled “Venice – Mostly at Night”. Visit their website for more information!

3. Succulent Lady

top pins 2014 (3)

Speaking of my Succulent Lady (which was featured in the Summer 2014 issue of Faerie Magazine)… that is also my 3rd most popular pin. This photo, taken by the ever-gracious Susanna Fong of Susanna Fong Photography, really captures the ethereal quality of this dress form. This project was a labor of love and I’m so thankful it lives on in these photos.

4. Backyard Moon Garden

top pins 2014 (4)

I installed this moon garden as part of a larger backyard landscape design much earlier in my career as a landscape designer. I feel honored and blessed that it has been one of my most popular pins on Pinterest. Moon gardens are such a romantic way to bring elegance and a little mystery to a garden.

5. Front Yard Landscape on a Budget


top pins 2014 (5)

I was pleasantly surprised by this last pin. Two of my favorite things about my job are (1) being able to brighten and beautify a client’s landscape within their budget and (2) bringing 4 seasons of interest to a client’s landscape. This picture exemplifies all of that. As these shrubs continue to grow, the bed will become fuller and even more eye-catching. I am proud of the way this design turned out and thankful others have noticed too!

Well, as they say – that’s all folks! Follow me on Pinterest if you’d like to see more of my pins, and don’t forget about my Facebook and Twitter accounts. 🙂

It might be too cold to get a garden installed, but it’s not too early to plan. A few of our clients have gotten a jump on their spring landscaping by scheduling their free garden estimate now. This way, we can start installation as soon as it’s warm enough.

We also offer free painting estimates! Call 773-517-1198 or email me to me to set up an appointment.