4 Seasons Recommends: The Viburnum

Witherod Viburnum, full, LurveysBlue Muffin Viburnum, full, Lurveys[Photos courtesy of Lurveys.com]

The Viburnum is a choice shrub for almost any garden. It comes in many varieties, but all grow well in partial shade to full sun and most produce beautiful, fragrant flowers in the spring.

Blue Muffin Viburnum, flowers, LurveysBlue Muffin Viburnum, berries, Lurveys

[Photos courtesy of Lurveys.com]

The Blue Muffin, or Arrowwood, Viburnum grows well in shaded areas or full sun, producing beautiful white flowers in the spring that turn into bright blue berries in the summer. Many also choose the Blue Muffin for its deep autumn foliage that make this shrub a 3-season beauty.

Arrowwood Viburnum, fall, LurveysKorean Spice Viburnum, flowers, Lurveys

[Photos courtesy of Lurveys.com]

The Koreanspice Viburnum is one of the most fragrant of all shrubs and is low maintenance, requiring little pruning during the year. Its attractive white balls of fragrant flowers bloom mid-spring, and come autumn, you will witness its brilliant red leaves.

Arrowwood Viburnum, full, Lurveys

[Photo courtesy of Lurveys.com]

Viburnums are relatively low maintenance and can act as accent pieces or hedging for your garden. Some varieties are native to North America and thrive in urban environments with high levels of pollution.

The versatility, ease in maintenance and beautiful year round color make the Viburnum one of our favorites. Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think!