A Few of My Favorite Pins for Fall (2013)

Like so many other women, I just love looking on Pinterest for new DIY crafts and home décor ideas.  The format makes it so easy to quickly find so many crafts, home décor ideas and other DIY design ideas that look so cute and so simple.  Unfortunately, I usually (just as quickly) save and set them aside for later.  I know I am guilty of finding so many ideas on Pinterest that I would love to try … but never seem to find (or make) the time to do so.  To combat this, I have been trying to fill my extra time (when I have some) with a couple of projects here and there.  My website, Pinterest boards, and Facebook page have been great ways for me to share these projects with others and stay motivated.

AAs I continue to try to expand my creative experiences, I’d like to encourage you to join me!  Email me pictures of any creative projects (Pinterest or otherwise) that you’ve tried and I’ll gather and post them on my website in a special post dedicated to my oh-so-creative clients.  I’m really looking forward to collaborating and sharing creative ideas with all of you!

To help you continue in your creativity, here are a few of our favorite pins for the season.  As I try some of these out, I’ll post pictures on our website and Facebook page.  For more projects, painting tips and other home décor ideas, follow our Pinterest boards or like us on Facebook!

A Few Of My Favorite Pins: Fall 2013

favorite fall pins

I just love this nature-inspired jewelry organizer. Simple yet elegant and oh-so-useful.
[image courtesy of Etsy.com]

favorite fall pins

Continuing with the fall theme, framed branches are another way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.
[image courtesy of Craftgrrl]

favorite fall pins

Candles are an easy way to make your home warm and cozy as the temperatures cool.
These fall-inspired DIY pillar candles are almost too perfect!
[image courtesy of BHG.com]

favorite fall pins

If you’ve been getting our newsletters for a while, you probably know how much I love creating container gardens with deep, vibrant fall blooms.  I fell in love with how easy, inexpensive and customizable this planter is for any container in any season,
though I have to admit that the one pictured above is pretty snazzy.
[image courtesy of Our Southern Home]

favorite fall pins

This last one may not scream FALL, but I just had to include it.  The prospect of making such a unique and personal work of art with just a few supplies is very motivating, and something I look for when searching through Pinterest projects to try on my own.
[image courtesy of IsKSW.com]

Inspired?  We hope so!  Stay tuned to my website and Facebook page for pictures and how-to’s of some projects I’ve been working recently, and don’t forget to send me a picture or two of something you’ve done.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon!

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