A Whimsical Garden in Evanston

This client wanted a whimsical look for her front and side gardens. I began by replacing the swing seat and mulching the area underneath. On the left, we planted some Variegated Boxwood and Dogwood shrubs, Holly and Yarrow for color. I also planted Variegated Vinca around the front tree where it will look more like a hanging vine as it continues to grow.

Hinman, front4

Hinman, full front

A friend and tattoo artist, David Sugihara, designed and painted the stepping stones with the symbols for “Om” and “Zen”. Aren’t they beautiful? The path leads to an area on the side of her house where I placed more whimsical elements of the garden, including a pinwheel sun and half-buried sink with flowers.

Hinman, front path1

I love a garden with a story, and this particular one had such a sweet history with memories of her children playing on the swing. Though they have grown, we kept those precious memories alive in her garden by replacing the old swing seat, making it usable once more, and keeping the area around it open, just as she had it when her children were young. Eventually, the whimsy of this storybook garden will be complete with the addition of a small library house, placed at the beginning of the path leading to the side area with the spinning pinwheel and archway.

Hinman, side2

Hinman, front3

It may look a little bare now, but the beds will continue to fill in as the trees and shrubs continue to grow year after year. It was fun to work on such an interesting garden design, but I am mostly thrilled that the client enjoys her new garden.

[All photos courtesy of Jim Meacci]