4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design

About Us

4 Seasons Painting & Landscape Design finds artistic ways to create individual, affordable, boutique experiences for each of our clients.  We believe that since we all have our own sense of style, our living spaces – indoor and out – should reflect that.

Pam, the owner and founder of 4 Seasons Painting & Landscape Design, left a career in property management to pursue something more creative, away from the office and into the outdoors.  She first began working for a painting company in Chicago where she learned how to morph her creative inclination into beautiful and affordable designs for her clients.

While working for this Chicago-based painting company, Pam realized there were few female-run businesses in the painting business.  In 2005, she organized a business plan and opened 4 Seasons Painting, which strived to create individual spaces suited to each client’s personal style.

In 2007, 4 Seasons Painting expanded to include landscape design, allowing Pam to merge her love of indoor color with natural elements.  She has a vision to bring cohesiveness to every home by reflecting indoor styles in outdoor landscapes.  She believes that by extending clients’ living spaces into the outdoors, she can help them create a consistency of style that truly reflects their individual personality and taste.

Pam is passionate about her work and puts distinctive care and dedication to each project and every detail.  Gaining inspiration from elements of style throughout her clients’ homes, she is able to personalize each design for every client and give them a unique, boutique experience.

Pam has also always been passionate about conserving the environment, which is reflected in her ability to repurpose and reuse items, such as furniture, in new and often better ways – often saving her clients’ pocketbooks in the process.

By focusing on the art and design of painting and landscaping, Pam helps her clients escape cookie-cutter designs with affordable solutions suited to every individual.