Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

Tips to keep your plants looking good

in the hot, dry summer months

  • Make sure to water everyday!  Both new and old plants need water when it’s hot.
  • Water in the morning.  This is the best time of day – before the sun makes it all evaporate and before the worms and bugs come out at night.
  • Try to water your plants near the ground/roots and the surrounding ground.  It will keep cool long after being watered.
  • Lay tree mulch around your plants.  This cuts down your watering time.  You can find free tree mulch from many tree removing services and it will help hold the moisture in  the ground rather than letting it evaporate away in the heat of day.
  • Water tomatoes under the leaves.  This will improve growth and avoid yellow/moldy leaves.
  • Make sure to turn your indoor plants every time you water.  This ensures even sun exposure.  If they face a sunny window, give them extra water.

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