Our Best of 2014

As we move into a new season, take a look back at some of our best work from 2014!
Click on each photo to see more from each of these projects.

Front Yard Landscaping with Sitting AreaThis client wanted to create a sitting area in their front yard with a variety of container gardens and blooming shrubs surrounding them. We were quite pleased with the results!
Note the two paved areas for chairs and a table on either side of the walkway that we had installed for them as well as the planters near the front gate and front door that we filled for them. Near the gate, we created a mirrored effect on either side of the walkway with the shrubs we planted. As they continue to grow every year, they will fill the space in more and more. The range of blooms, foliage and seasonal interest will provide this client with much to enjoy year round.


Condo 2014We designed and installed this front yard and parkway landscape for a condominium building in Chicago this past summer. We were able to provide them with a variety of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers that will grow and fill the space in more each year. The small black fence we installed adds style while also protecting the landscape from dogs in the neighborhood.


whimsical garden front pathI love a garden with a story, and this particular one had such a sweet history with memories of her children playing on the swing. Though they have grown, we kept those precious memories alive in her garden by replacing the old swing seat, making it usable once more, and keeping the area around it open, just as she had it when her children were young. Eventually, the whimsy of this storybook garden will be complete with the addition of a small library house, placed at the beginning of the path leading to the side area with the spinning pinwheel and archway.
This client wanted a whimsical look for her front and side gardens. I began by replacing the swing seat and mulching the area underneath. On the left, we planted some Variegated Boxwood and Dogwood shrubs, Holly and Yarrow for color. I also planted Variegated Vinca around the front tree where it will look more like a hanging vine as it continues to grow.
A friend and tattoo artist, David Sugihara, designed and painted the stepping stones with the symbols for ”Om” and “Zen”. Aren’t they beautiful? The path leads to an area on the side of her house where I placed more whimsical elements of the garden, including a pinwheel sun and half-buried sink with flowers.


condo painting kitchenWe painted almost the entire interior of this condo just before the holidays and the results are fantastic. Take a look at the before and afters on our Facebook page!
In addition to painting, we also painted the upper kitchen cabinets, installed a new tile backsplash, installed new light fixtures in the living room and varnished and installed a wooden shelf in the hallway.


window container gardenA regular client in Chicago asked us to fill the containers for her window boxes and shady backyard deck space. We were able to bring a variety of colors and textures to both places.


rooftop deck afterWe stained a rooftop deck and filled containers for a client in the Lakeside neighborhood of Chicago. Among these containers, were two cedar planters we had custom built and then filled with four tall Arborvitaes to provide him with natural beauty and some privacy as it is a shared deck.  We helped him choose a stain from Benjamin Moore’s solid stain Arborcoat selection and love the finished results!  The color really compliments his furniture well, and the tropical flowers in the tall containers add punches of color and beauty to the space, perfect for entertaining or enjoying a night out under the stars.


Front/Back with Moon GardenWe installed a front and backyard landscape for a client’s home in Chicago. Note the moon garden in the back, consisting of all white blooms that will appear as though they are glowing in the moonlight.


Painting December 2014This client wanted to keep most of the walls neutral but we did add an olive green accent wall in the kitchen. It adds just the right amount of color and interest to the kitchen while also bringing in some of the tones from the connecting living room.

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As always, thank you for your interest in our company! It is a true privilege to be able to share my passion for gardening, landscaping, painting and home decorating with new people every day.