Caring for your house plants in the winter months

Dry, cracking knuckles, itchy skin, chapped lips – sound familiar? If you’re like me, the winter has wreaked havoc on your skin and it may be doing the same to your plants. If you’ve noticed that your house plants are starting to look a little dry as well, you can try lining trays with small stones and filling them with water to a level just below the base of the pot. Keep your house plant on top of the tray and this will help increase the humidity level.

If you were lucky enough to get a bunch of house plants as gifts over the holidays, you might want to check them over to make sure they’re not the home for any unwanted visitors. Just look over the leaves and blooms closely to make sure there aren’t any insects before putting them with your other plants. That way, if they do have little pests, you can prevent them from spreading to the rest of your plants.

If you’re running out of places to put them, try making room for them on a shelf or window sill instead of putting them on top of the TV. It’s too warm and does not provide a healthy environment for your growing plants.

Poinsettias are a common Christmas plant, but can be hard to maintain. To try to keep them blooming, maintain moderate moisture levels and keep them away from drafts.

We hope these tips were helpful and will keep your plants healthy and growing through these long winter months! If you’d like any advice or have questions about your garden, plants or otherwise, please post a comment and we’d be happy to help.