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Front & Back Landscaping, and Patio Painting in Chicago

small_L1013273-Pano - use

Earlier this month, we installed new front and back landscape gardens for this client in Chicago. Here’s a photo of their front yard before we got to work. Keep scrolling to see her garden after! As you can see, we removed a lot of their shrubbery and trimmed their trees to let more sunlight through for their new […]

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Backyard Landscaping in Evanston

Backyard in Evanston

We installed this backyard garden for a client in Evanston who has two dogs. We kept the plant selection dog-friendly and brought pops of color to their deck area with container gardens. I still have many more photos to post so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates! You can also fill out […]

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Backyard Landscaping in Chicago

back from above

Here is one of the landscapes we finished so far this summer in Chicago. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for photos of more landscaping jobs we’ve done this summer. We installed a flowering vine on wood lattice as a decorative privacy screen for the deck and carried this same design element over to the garage […]

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Update: Condo Building & Backyard with Moon Garden

Condo 2014

Take advantage of the warmer weather while it lasts and get your landscape installed before the ground freezes! This is always the time of year when many will ask if it’s too late to plant. My answer: Definitely not! In fact, there are a number of shrubs and flowers that bloom in the fall, as […]

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Recent Work: Small Budget Install, Front Garden Update, Porch Painting & Container Plantings

small Skokie garden

We’ve been pretty busy the past couple of months and are so thankful for the many clients we’ve had the opportunity to work with. We hope they enjoy their new gardens and maybe even give you a little inspiration if you’re looking for some. First up is a small budget backyard landscape we installed in Chicago. […]

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Enjoy Warm Summer Nights with a Moon Garden

back moon garden

As we approach summer, I love to daydream about warm summer nights outside on the patio, gazing up at the stars.  Some of my most peaceful and calming times have been outdoors enjoying nature in all its glory. Question: What is the perfect compliment to a quiet evening in the backyard? Answer: A moon garden! What is […]

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Backyard Deck Containers in Chicago

backyard deck container garden in chicago

We provided these Chicago clients with the privacy and color they desired for their backyard deck with a few choice container plants as pictured below.  The evergreens planted in the containers near the grill provide the privacy they desired along with the beauty and aroma of nature.  We also planted a hydrangea and some mums below for added […]

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Small Backyard Clean-Up & Garden Design in Chicago

Chicago Small Backyard Garden

We cleaned up this small backyard and then installed a few new plants.  We have a few before pictures, followed by the afters. Make sure to scroll all the way through because it is quite an incredible transformation! We are so pleased with the charming sitting area it has become. Please leave any questions or comments in the […]

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Backyard Install in Evanston

Backyard garden in Evanston

Last week, we installed this backyard landscape design for a client in Evanston. We had a large amount of space to fill and tried to use as many shrubs and other plants that provide year round interest as we could. We used a few shrubs that they already had and planted around them, but mostly […]

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Backyard Garden Design in Skokie

Skokie Backyard Garden

We designed this backyard for a client in Skokie a few weeks ago. Mulching out a curved space along the fence, we planted a variety of flowers, shrubs and trees, including some evergreens. We gave them a variety of textures and colors, as well as plants that bloom in different seasons to provide year round interest to the […]

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