More Container Gardens in Chicago

We had the chance to do a couple more container gardens in Chicago this past week.  One was for a rooftop deck and the other was more window boxes and smaller containers.  I love how container gardens leave room for so much variety, so I wanted to share some of the pictures with you.  I always aim for a variety of colors and textures that will not only grow well in your light conditions, but bloom at different times throughout the spring/summer so that your outdoor space has as much continuous color as possible.

Container garden in Chicago

Container garden in Chicago

Container garden in Chicago

container garden in Chicago

Container garden in Chicago

Give me a call if you’d like help filling your containers!  I can give you a variety of options that will grow well in your conditions, suit your tastes and provide your space with beautiful pops of color.  Check out this blog for more tips on sprucing up your outdoor deck or patio to get it ready for summer BBQs, outdoor entertaining and even just relaxing outside.  I hope you all have a fabulously fun summer!

Container Gardens (Sunny & Shady) in Chicago

I was so happy to create these shady and sunny container gardens for a repeat client in Chicago yesterday. (You can see what we did last year here and here.) The variety of color, foliage and blooms was so much fun to work with. Whenever I work on container gardens, I feel like an artist creating my masterpiece through the arrangement of the flowers and foliage. It’s great therapy too. 😉

This client has a shady area on her back deck and a sunny area near her front windows, so we used a variety of plants – some that grow well in the shade and some that thrive in sunny conditions. Whatever your light conditions are, there are plenty of beautiful (and colorful) options. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think!

shady deck container gardens

Pops of color even in the shade

shady deck container gardens

sunny window box container gardens

Sunny Window Box Container Garden

sunny window box container gardens

sunny window box container gardens

sunny window box container gardens

sunny window box container gardens

Love the variety of color in blooms & foliage

sunny window box container gardens

The view from inside

sunny window box container gardens

The view from outside – at times, a little scary hanging out that window, but we managed! 🙂

Getting Ready for Summer Entertaining: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Patio

Spring is finally here! That means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about barbecues and summer entertaining outdoors. Here are a few key ways you can spruce up your backyard patio so that you’ll be ready for your first BBQ in no time. I found this helpful article on Houzz (while you’re there, check out my new professional Houzz profile!) that made me reminisce about all of my experiences sprucing up the patios of my own clients through the years. Here are some of the things I learned and some of the beautiful backyard spaces I enjoyed creating for them.

After you’ve given the patio an overall cleaning, swept, removed dead plants and any junk or debris left from last year or the winter, think about the overall look you want to create in your space. Are you fond of a certain color scheme or style? You can use the internet, take a stroll through a garden center, or hire a professional (wink, wink) to help you with the process of choosing plants that will compliment your taste and light conditions well. It is also important to consider the level of care you have time for and are willing to give to your plants.


Adding container plants to the corners of your space can do a lot to soften the look of your patio while also adding pops of color and beauty to the space. I loved working on this client’s rooftop deck because I was able to add so much color through the variety of plants and different containers. If you need help choosing which plants are best for the light conditions of your yard, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a free estimate!


Creating a border of container plants can define the edges, soften the look of a fence or even act as a fence alternative. I have created a variety of plant borders through the years for different clients. This client and I were able to choose plants that brought an understated elegance to their space that they (and I) love. I also made this space into a “moon garden” consisting of all white blooming plants that have a glowing effect in the moonlight.


Vines and trellises are another great way to hide or camouflage a fence. There are many varieties of beautiful vines and climbing flowers that can accomodate shady or sunny spaces. It should be easy to find one that would suit your taste and light conditions.


In this same rooftop deck I did for a client, we were able to create different spaces with the layout of the containers. It suited their needs and turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself.


Here’s to another fun summer filled with family, friends and lots of backyard BBQs! I hope these few tips helped you think about how you can get your back patio ready for summer entertaining and maybe even gave you a little inspiration! Don’t forget to leave me any questions or comments below. I appreciate your feedback!

It’s the Holiday Season!

Well a-whoop-dee-do and dickory-dock, and don’t forget … to get your house ready!  Okay, maybe those weren’t Andy Williams’s exact lyrics, but that doesn’t make them any less true. 🙂

If you’re starting to feel a little more anxiety than excitement about the impending season of get-togethers with loved ones, 4 Seasons Painting & Landscaping may have the perfect solution for you – let us get your home ready for you!

Every holiday season, we offer special holiday container gardens to decorate the front of your home, along with decoration and installation services for holiday lights, garlands or other holiday decor. Every container is suited to your own personal taste.  Let the beauty of nature brighten your home even in the cold winter weather. Contact us through this website or give us a call for a free estimate! 773-517-1198

holiday container garden

If you want to freshen your home up a bit before the holidays arrive, we are also offering painting services any room in your home.  It’s amazing how much a new coat of paint can completely transform, brighten and clean up a room.  It’s the quick and easy solution for anyone trying to get their home, or even just one room, ready to entertain this season. Estimates are always free so don’t hesitate to schedule yours. 773-517-1198

painted client’s dining room accent wall and installed new light fixture

painted client’s living room with a clean neutral color

painted client’s dining room with two complimentary, but subtle tones
separated by a white chair rail

We hope you all create warm memories with your loved ones this season ~ Happy Holidays from my home to yours!

Shady Patio Container Garden in Chicago

A covered back patio can still have beautiful container gardens filled with colorful plants that thrive in the shade – just take a look at the pictures of this shady container garden we filled this past month!  The options for shaded areas are numerous and can fit to almost any preference. Give us a call for a free consultation!  We’re sure we can find plants and flowers that fit your taste and sun/shade conditions.

shady container garden

shady container garden3

shady container garden

3rd Floor Container Garden in Chicago

We brought some life and color to a 3rd floor condo’s container garden in Chicago this month by filling her window boxes with colorful arrays of flowers and small shrubs.  Check out the pictures and give us a call to schedule your free consultation – the combinations and options are endless when it comes to containers.  You can see more of our work by clicking at the top of our website, or like us on Facebook to see our photo albums and posts with helpful home & garden tips!

side view

window view

trumpet bush pink flowers









wider window view


Creativity with Containers

One of the easiest (and funnest) ways to decorate your storefront, yard, entryway, deck, porch or any part of your garden are containers.  They can be filled with any variety of plants, herbs, flowers, and grasses to create the perfect color and texture combination to suit your design and taste.  Combined with the container of your choice, each one is unique and easily adjusted to anyone’s preferences.  Take a look at some of the container gardens we’ve put together for clients and give us a call to schedule a free appointment!  We’d love to bring pops of color to your landscape, deck, garden, storefront or porch areas.

Container Gardens

Container gardens are a quick and versatile way to add beauty to your lawn and home, especially if you don’t have a lot of room.  You can use them to adorn your front porch or walkway, or spruce up your back deck or small backyard.  Take a look at some pictures from a container garden we finished for a client!



Click the picture to see the many ways we’ve used container plants to beautify our clients’ outdoor living spaces.  Choose a single plant, or mix it up with multiple plants in the same container.  We can even rotate the potted plants to match the seasons for you!