Painting, Tile Backsplash & Light Installation: Chicago Condo near LSD

They’re here! We painted almost the entire interior of this condo just before the holidays and the results are fantastic. We are so excited to share these pictures with you. Visit our Facebook page to see all of the “before” pictures too!

In addition to painting, we also painted the upper kitchen cabinets, installed a new tile backsplash, installed new light fixtures in the living room and varnished and installed a wooden shelf in the hallway. Scroll through the pictures below for more details.

chicago condo paint job

We installed new light fixtures to replace the outdated fixtures in the living room.

chicago condo painting
chicago condo painting

We painted the bathroom walls and ceiling the same light color to make this small bathroom feel a little bigger.

chicago condo painting chicago condo paintingWe kept the original wood finish of the lower kitchen cabinets for a trendy, modern look. We also installed the tile backsplash in the kitchen. The bright white tile against the dark granite countertops offers great contrast and really brightens up the space. We used a special cabinet paint made by Benjamin Moore to achieve a factory finished look without the use of spray paint.
chicago condo cabinets backsplash chicago condo kitchen cabinets backsplash
chicago condo painting

We varnished and installed an oak shelf in their hallway. The light wood was chosen to complement the light wood inset in their floor.

chicago condo painting chicago condo painting
chicago condo painting

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Custom Cedar Raised Beds

Have you been itching to start a vegetable garden this summer or have another use for a raised bed in your garden? Contact us for quality, custom built cedar planters at a reasonable cost!

Why use a raised bed?

Raised beds are ideal for small spaces or areas where the soil quality is poor.

In colder climates, it is also easier to work the ground and get the soil ready after the winter.  This allows for better drainage and deep rooting, often producing a higher yield in vegetable gardens.

Covering your raised bed with a thick layer of mulch helps keep the moisture in, reducing the need for extra watering and helping your garden to thrive in potential summer droughts.

Why use cedar specifically?

Cedar contains natural oils that prevent rotting and make these raised beds more durable without the use of chemical treatment.  It is a more expensive wood but will also last longer than other woods.


Here are some pictures of raised beds built for a client’s landscape in Chicago.

custom cedar raised beds

custom cedar raised beds

custom cedar raised beds