4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design

Basement Renovation

basement reno wood paneling

You can easily get rid of the wood paneled look, so common in many older basements, by simply painting it white as we did in the pictures below.  We suggest using primer first, but this is definitely a quick and easy way to modernize an outdated basement and brighten it up in the process.  With […]

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Kitchen Renovations


“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” ~Louis Parrish If that’s true, what better place to start highlighting renovations than in the kitchen?  Below are some snapshots of a few kitchen renovations we had the privilege of working on.   We love how the bright green inside of these open cabinets […]

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Painting Projects


Click the picture to see a compilation of just some of the painting projects we’ve done through the years.  From every room inside the house to the stairways connecting them and the porches leading to them, we can help you find exactly the right colors to suit your style and needs and give you stunning […]

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Porch Repaint


We scraped the peeling, cracking paint off this porch and gave it a fresh coat.

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Kitchen Project


Here is another kitchen project we had where we repainted the cabinets to give the kitchen a new look.

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Faux Finishes


Add texture to your walls with a faux finish!

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Custom Stencils


We can make custom stencils and apply them to your walls for a unique look!  

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Recycled Painting Projects


There is a sense of accomplishment when you turn an old item into something new!

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Kitchen Project


Here are some sample pictures of a job we had where we took an ordinary-looking kitchen and transformed it with a paint can and brush.

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