4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design

I’m in the Winter Issue of Faerie Magazine!

Faerie Mag winter issue_6_6 JPG

  Check out the winter issue of Faerie Magazine to see an article on my Repurposed Christmas Tree Lady – a great way to reuse your Christmas tree after the holidays. It is such an honor to be featured in this beautiful magazine once again. Don’t forget to schedule a free painting estimate and/or landscape design […]

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Custom Cedar Raised Beds

custom cedar raised beds

Have you been itching to start a vegetable garden this summer or have another use for a raised bed in your garden? Contact us for quality, custom built cedar planters at a reasonable cost! Why use a raised bed? Raised beds are ideal for small spaces or areas where the soil quality is poor. In colder […]

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Enjoy Warm Summer Nights with a Moon Garden

back moon garden

As we approach summer, I love to daydream about warm summer nights outside on the patio, gazing up at the stars.  Some of my most peaceful and calming times have been outdoors enjoying nature in all its glory. Question: What is the perfect compliment to a quiet evening in the backyard? Answer: A moon garden! What is […]

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Save the Monarchs with a Butterfly-friendly Garden!


For a while now, the population of monarchs has been rapidly decreasing as farmers spray pesticides to get rid of weeds, including all types of butterfly weed – the host plant of choice for many butterflies, especially monarchs. As you begin to plan your garden or landscape, 4 Seasons would like to encourage you to […]

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4 Seasons Recommends: Succulents

4 seasons recommends succulents

Succulents are a wonderful plant for adding texture and color to a room, garden or any space. They come in wide varieties and are low maintenance, requiring little watering. During the winter, be sure to keep them in a room with a lot of sunlight as they prefer warm conditions. I keep quite a few […]

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4 Seasons Recommends: The Hydrangea

Lacecap Hydrangea, Lurveys

Hydrangea from my indoor garden You probably recognize this type of non-hardy hydrangea from all of the garden stores and home centers. It’s a common indoor plant, especially around Mother’s Day. I love the hydrangea for more than just its blooming beauty though. This plant comes in a wide variety (many of which are suitable for […]

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Getting Ready for Summer Entertaining: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Patio


Spring is finally here! That means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about barbecues and summer entertaining outdoors. Here are a few key ways you can spruce up your backyard patio so that you’ll be ready for your first BBQ in no time. I found this helpful article on Houzz (while you’re there, check out my new professional Houzz […]

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4 Seasons Recommends: The Viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum, full, Lurveys

[Photos courtesy of Lurveys.com] The Viburnum is a choice shrub for almost any garden. It comes in many varieties, but all grow well in partial shade to full sun and most produce beautiful, fragrant flowers in the spring. [Photos courtesy of Lurveys.com] The Blue Muffin, or Arrowwood, Viburnum grows well in shaded areas or full […]

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Starting Seeds


container garden for a client It’s hard to start thinking about Spring with so much snow outside (but how can you not with the promise of such beautiful flowers as above). If you’re planting heirloom seeds (which take a little longer to germinate), it’s just about time. And if you’re using other seeds, it will be […]

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New Seat Covers in 3 Simple Steps

seat cover

I bought this cute retro cloth off of Etsy because I just had to incorporate it into my home somewhere.  A little while later – new chair covers!  The material is perfect as it’s durable and won’t wear from frequent use. I bought it from Jodi Walter Jones’s Etsy shop, Sew Fine Fabrics and she made it […]

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