Update: Condo Building & Backyard with Moon Garden

Take advantage of the warmer weather while it lasts and get your landscape installed before the ground freezes! This is always the time of year when many will ask if it’s too late to plant. My answer: Definitely not! In fact, there are a number of shrubs and flowers that bloom in the fall, as well as trees and other plants that have brilliant fall foliage.

With the warm temperatures and rainy weather we’ve had, the ground is soft and in great condition for planting. We can also get your garden ready for the spring next year so that once the warm weather comes around again, everything is in your garden, ready to bloom.

We always offer completely free estimates, so give us a call to schedule yours! Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions. You can also check out a couple more of our installs from this past summer below.

Chicago Condo Front Yard & Parkway Landscaping

We designed and installed this front yard and parkway landscape for a condominium building in Chicago this past summer. We were able to provide them with a variety of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers that will grow and fill the space in more each year. The small black fence we installed adds style while also protecting the landscape from dogs in the neighborhood.

Condo 2014Condo 2014 Condo 2014  Condo 2014 Condo 2014

Condo 2014

Chicago Front & Backyard Landscaping with Moon Garden

We also installed this front and backyard landscape for a client’s home in Chicago. Note the moon garden in the back, consisting of all white blooms that will appear as though they are glowing in the moonlight.

 Front/Back with Moon GardenFront/Back with Moon GardenFront/Back with Moon GardenFront/Back with Moon Garden Front/Back with Moon Garden Front/Back with Moon Garden Front/Back with Moon Garden

If you’re feeling inspired or would like to see more, you can click on “Samples” at the top of our websitte, or simply click any of the following links to samples of our Backyard Landscaping, Front Yard Landscaping, Rooftop Gardens and Container Gardens.

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Thank you for your interest in our company! We feel very privileged to be able to help our clients enjoy their landscapes while also sharing our love and knowledge of gardening and landscaping with new people every day.