Fall Landscaping: It’s Still Not Too Late!

Wow, it’s really cooled down! But until the ground freezes, it is ready for planting and now is a great time to install shrubs, perennials and trees that bloom in the spring so you can take full advantage of their blooming season next year. I always aim to not only bring my clients plants that will grow well in their sun/soil conditions, but that will also provide them with 4 seasons of beauty.

Call or email me to schedule a free estimate and I can show you a variety of plants and trees to choose from, all suitable for your space. If you haven’t yet, take a look at some of the projects we’ve done this past summer by checking out our slideshow on the homepage, clicking on Samples at the top or by visiting our Yelp page. Below is one of my favorite fall landscapes because of how it shows the color, texture and interest you can achieve in your landscape, even when the temperatures begin to cool down.

fall landscape