Fall Landscaping Tips: Fall-ing in Love with Nature

As the new school year begins and temperatures begin to drop, it’s the perfect time for fall landscaping and definitely not too late to install a garden! In fact, in every job, we always try to make sure to install plants and shrubs that will together, bring beauty to your landscape in every season. By adding a few fall-blooming flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as evergreens or Red Stick Dogwoods, you can continue to enjoy nature’s finest as the cooler air comes in. Many of these plants look their best in the autumn and winter months.

To start, asters, pansies, mums and chrysanthemums are all gorgeous fall-blooming flowers.  You can even plant perennial versions that will return year after year.  These will all add vibrant splashes of color to any yard.  Japanese Maples and Burning Bushes turn beautiful shades of red and pink in the autumn.

Call us for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to bring the brilliant colors of autumn to your own backyard!

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