Fireplace Accent & Condo Painting in Chicago

Happy New Year!  We ended 2012 with a fun painting project using Behr paint.  Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!

We love how the fireplace is now the focal point of the living room and brings a pop of color (Behr’s Sequoia) that complements her existing furniture well.  It’s amazing how just a small splash of color can make such a difference in updating a room’s design.

Behr’s Natural Almond was used for the living room walls and Gentle Rain brought a tranquil, yet neutral, feel to the bedroom, perfect for relaxing.

We are still offering free color consultations with every signed painting contract.  Give us a call to schedule your free estimate and update your home for the new year!  773-517-1198



living room after3

living room after2living room after

kitchen after hallway2 after hallway after corner hallway afterbedroom afterbedroom after2