Landscape Design 3-Year Update

Are 4 seasons of interest really possible in my garden?

This is such a common question and the answer is an emphatic YES!

Just take a look at the front landscape we designed and installed for a client three years ago. The pictures below were taken at the beginning and end of fall. (Click here to see their garden right after we planted.) Though this is just one season, it is easy to see how the colorful evergreens will begin to stand out even more as the shrubs continue to lose their leaves and berries.

southwestern update 3 yrs
Early Fall


Sy garden, early winter (2)
Late Fall

The brilliant foliage and berries of the shrubs in fall that transition into the colorful evergreens and bright red branches in winter ensure that their home has great curb appeal year round.

Below are a few of trees from my own yard. I absolutely love their brilliant fall foliage and often use these trees in my own designs for clients.

The bottom line? Combine the brilliant foliage, bright branches and colorful evergreens with the blooming flowers of spring and summer and you have a garden with 4 seasons of color and interest!