Into Our Mannequin Ladies? Do One Yourself!

Have you read our newsletters and posts about our beautiful mannequin ladies?  I am definitely sure you like them, personally I love them.  They are elegant and unique if I may say so.  If you are into crafts and DIYs – then you are reading the right post.  

We have been getting a lot of emails inquiring about 4 Seasons Ladies- or should I say, Pamela’s Ladies, on how to make one on their own.  

And so – we decided to (drumroll please!) – share with you our tutorial ebooks for these ladies.  They are easy, and if you find the right product, very affordable.  And who knows?  Your very own creation may be featured on Magazines too like our Autumn, Winter, and Spring Ladies.  FYI – we have just been featured on Faerie Magazine recently.  

Here are our DIY Tutorials that you can have access to for just $10!!

Succulent Tutorials: