Enjoy Warm Summer Nights with a Moon Garden

As we approach summer, I love to daydream about warm summer nights outside on the patio, gazing up at the stars.  Some of my most peaceful and calming times have been outdoors enjoying nature in all its glory.

Question: What is the perfect compliment to a quiet evening in the backyard?
Answer: A moon garden!

What is a moon garden?

A moon garden is a garden composed of white flowering plants that creates a “glowing” effect once the sun goes down.

Where can you put a moon garden?

Anywhere.  Moon gardens are very versatile in nature and can be designed to accommodate almost any space in your landscape as well as under a wide variety of sunlight and soil conditions.

What do you need for a moon garden?

A space – any size – in your landscape, a variety of white-blooming plants that are appropriate for your garden’s sunlight and soil conditions.  Call 4 Seasons to schedule a free estimate.  We would love to find the perfect plants for your space!

 [Photos courtesy of Lurveys Plant Finder]