More Porch Painting in Chicago

I repaired this front porch and repainted the steps, porch and doorway to match the façade of the house. This one small project (finished in a day or two) is a great way to brighten up your house’s curb appeal.

front porch before, close front porch stairs, before

One small repair and a couple coats of paint later, and this house looks 100% better! If you are selling your home or are looking for an easy way to quickly improve your curb appeal, this could be the perfect project for you to take on.

front porch after, close

Your entryway is the first thing a potential buyer will see and first impressions set the tone for the rest of the house. With many houses on the market, a clean, well-kept front entryway will attract buyers to check out the rest of your house. On the other hand, an entryway that is an eyesore in need of repair can turn many people away.

front porch after