My Indoor Plant Laboratory

Experimenting is one of the things I love most about growing plants indoors.  Now that it’s cold outside, you can have lots of fun trying new things with your plants indoors.  I have SO many plants in my indoor plant lab (aka. dining room to most :)) that we literally have no space to eat!  It’s fun though and gets me through the dreary winter days.

One of the easiest things to experiment with are containers.  I love buying different containers and am always looking for cute ones.  My asparagus plants are currently growing in repurposed water cans.  To do this, I first drilled holes in the bottoms for drainage.

indoor garden

I also love putting a variety of plants together in the same container and they seem to love it too!  One of my favorite blends is Geraniums with Coleus.  Geraniums are great because they’ll bloom in the middle of winter when everything else is asleep.  I’ve really had fun with my scented geranium.  Every summer, it goes outside and every fall, it comes back in.  I’ve trimmed it and shaped it to be very sculpturesque.

With a little experience, you may begin to find that some plants actually grow better inside and you’ll want to keep them indoors year round.  I have stopped taking my jade plant outside even though it would grow there and I now know that my Norfolk pine will only grow outside.  I still have to bring it in because our temperatures drop too low here, but it stays dormant through the winter and will grow another few inches as soon as I can put it back outside.


Don’t be afraid to experiment!  It’s a lot of fun.  Even though you’re bound to fail at something (I know I certainly have), you’ll have some great successes too and the discovery process can be fun and exciting to experience.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Norfolk Pine