New Seat Covers in 3 Simple Steps

I bought this cute retro cloth off of Etsy because I just had to incorporate it into my home somewhere.  A little while later – new chair covers!  The material is perfect as it’s durable and won’t wear from frequent use.

I bought it from Jodi Walter Jones’s Etsy shop, Sew Fine Fabrics and she made it so easy!  I just sent her the dimensions of my seats and she calculated how much material I would need.  I had very little left over, so she did an excellent job and I couldn’t be happier.  The proof is in the pictures – a little new material can really transform an old chair!

To revamp your own chairs, follow these simple steps.

diy seat coversMaterials needed:
Some old chairs
Durable material
New/Good scissors for cutting material
Staple gun







1.  Remove the seats from each chair and clean each one thoroughly, removing any screws from the seat if necessary.  Measure the dimensions of each seat and cut the fabric to the appropriate size, leaving about 3 inches extra all around to wrap around and secure to the underside of the seat.  Iron the material so it’s smooth and wrinkle-free.

2.  Lay the material over the seat and wrap around to the bottom.  Beginning with the front side, staple the material underneath the seat, enough so that it is secure.  (You can fill in the empty spaces later to make sure it’s really secure. 🙂  Move to the sides, stapling the material underneath, finishing with the back so that any creases will be hidden back there.  Fill in with staples all around to secure.

3.  Use a screwdriver to screw the screws back into the chair over the fabric, just slightly and cover with tape (we used      painter’s tape) so it doesn’t fall to the ground.  Place the cushion on top of the chair seat and screw back in.

Voila!  New dining room chairs at a fraction of the cost!  Initially, I wasn’t sure how the green material would look with the black metal of my chairs, but I love the sleek, modern look of it.  What do you think?

diy seat covers

Soon, we hope to repaint some bedroom furniture.  Stay tuned!