4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design

Small Front Landscape Design in Mt. Prospect

after front angle

We spruced up this front landscape with just a few shrubs and low-growing plants, but even just these small additions did a lot to enhance the forefront of this suburban home.  Even a few shrubs in a small space can add considerable beauty and character to your home.  Give us a call for a free consultation!  We are happy […]

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Condo Landscaping in Chicago

after entry

For this condominium front entry landscaping job, we were able to give them a more economical and budget-friendly contract by simply moving around many of their existing plants to areas where they would thrive better, flowering and bringing their intended beauty to the exterior of the building.  After also installing a few new plants of our […]

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Container Gardens

marsha garden, flowers 033

Container gardens are a quick and versatile way to add beauty to your lawn and home, especially if you don’t have a lot of room.  You can use them to adorn your front porch or walkway, or spruce up your back deck or small backyard.  Take a look at some pictures from a container garden we finished […]

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Basement Renovation

basement reno wood paneling

You can easily get rid of the wood paneled look, so common in many older basements, by simply painting it white as we did in the pictures below.  We suggest using primer first, but this is definitely a quick and easy way to modernize an outdated basement and brighten it up in the process.  With […]

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Garden Clean-Up

garden cleanup after2

If you don’t need a new landscape design or new plantings for your yard, but wish it was cleaner and less cluttered, we can help tidy up your yard so that the beauty of your plants, shrubbery and trees can take centerstage and beautify your home as they were intended.  Take a look at these […]

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Kitchen Renovations


“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” ~Louis Parrish If that’s true, what better place to start highlighting renovations than in the kitchen?  Below are some snapshots of a few kitchen renovations we had the privilege of working on.   We love how the bright green inside of these open cabinets […]

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More Tips for Winter Lawn & Garden Care

winter snow

It’s snowing!  Here are a few tips to take care of your lawn, trees and other outdoor plants when it snows. Be careful to avoid spreading salt near shrubs or other plants.  Sand or sawdust are more environmentally-friendly options for curing those slick walkways, providing friction without the addition of chemicals into the ground. If […]

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Wisteria Sprout Update

wistera progress 005

Look at my growing wisteria!  Not even two weeks ago today, I posted this about sprouting a wisteria from a seed and look at how quickly it’s growing already.  Sprouting seeds in the winter months is a great way to fend off winter woes and since Mr. Punxsutawney saw his shadow this year, we may […]

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Tips for Winter Lawn & Garden Care

gardens and pots 021

The past few days have not felt much like winter here in Chicago, but for as much as we’d like spring to be here soon, we still have some time to go.  With the snow melted and warmer temperatures, it might be a good time for you to do a few of the tasks you […]

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Caring for your house plants in the winter months


Dry, cracking knuckles, itchy skin, chapped lips – sound familiar? If you’re like me, the winter has wreaked havoc on your skin and it may be doing the same to your plants. If you’ve noticed that your house plants are starting to look a little dry as well, you can try lining trays with small […]

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