4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design

Front Yard Landscaping 3


Along with flowers and a beautiful Climbing Hydrangea, we installed a serene fountain in this client’s front yard.  Click the photo to see more!

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Front Yard Landscaping 2


We transformed the patch of dirt in this client’s front yard into a welcoming path up to their charming house.

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Front Yard Landscaping 1


We planted colorful flowers, bushes and plants to brighten this client’s bungalow and bring it new life.

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Front Yard Landscaping


Click on the photo to see a compilation of front yard landscaping designs we’ve worked on over the years.  As you will see, we’ve had the chance to work on yards of all shaps and sizes with varying degrees of sun exposure.  We’re certain we can find a design you will love that will grow […]

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Click the picture to see the many ways we’ve used container plants to beautify our clients’ outdoor living spaces.  Choose a single plant, or mix it up with multiple plants in the same container.  We can even rotate the potted plants to match the seasons for you!

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Backyard Landscaping 6


We installed a Smoke Bush and a variety of other plants, including a vine with trellis, in this backyard to give it a beautiful border near the fence and along the back of the building.

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Backyard Landscaping 5


We designed this backyard landscape to include beautiful pink flowers, shrubs and vines, covering the fence.  Large rocks add texture and complete the look.  Click the photo to see more!

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Front and Backyard Landscaping in Skokie


We added beauty and character to this Skokie client’s front and backyard with flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and a few container gardens.  We’d love if you could take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think in the comments below! Thanks for looking! [all photos taken by Susanna Fong Photography]

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Backyard Landscaping 3


We renewed this unused space into a charming enclosure, full of life and nature’s best.  To see more, click the photo!

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Backyard Landscaping 2


We transformed this backyard into a lush, beautiful garden using a variety of containers, plants, shrubs and trees.  Click the image for more pictures!

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