Front & Back Landscaping, and Patio Painting in Chicago

Earlier this month, we installed new front and back landscape gardens for this client in Chicago. Here’s a photo of their front yard before we got to work. Keep scrolling to see her garden after!


As you can see, we removed a lot of their shrubbery and trimmed their trees to let more sunlight through for their new shrubs.

Front & Back Landscaping and Patio Painting in Chicago

Front & Back Landscaping and Patio Painting in Chicago

We also cleaned and painted their back patio and installed new shrubs around the border.

Front & Back Landscaping and Patio Painting in Chicago

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UPDATE: Here are some photos of the patio with the client’s furniture!

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Front Landscape & Porch Painting in Chicago

I designed this front landscape garden and then repaired and painted this client’s front porch.

Here is the client’s front porch before we began working:

Front Landscape Garden in Chicago

And here it is after we cleaned up their garden, installed new shrubs and trees, repaired the steps and gave the entire porch a fresh coat of paint:


What a difference! It brings me so much joy to have the opportunity to brighten and beautify my clients’ homes. Thank you to all of my clients – past, present, and future – for blessing me with this privilege. Take a look below for more photos from this project.

Front Landscape Garden in Chicago Front Landscape Garden in Chicago Front Landscape Garden in Chicago Front Landscape Garden in ChicagoL1012223

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Recent Landscaping Projects in Chicago

June has been quite a busy month! We’ve had the joy and privilege of updating many landscapes in the area and are excited to share some more photos of them with you now. (Here’s a look at a parkway garden we did earlier this season.) A few of our clients have been so kind to review us on Yelp and Facebook, so be sure to check out those glowing reviews!

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Painting & Wallpaper Project in Chicago

We finished this painting and wallpaper project in Chicago earlier this year.

Gray is a wonderful choice for a subtle, yet sophisticated color. It adds interest to a room while remaining neutral and understated. Gray also comes in a wide variety of shades from dark to light, as well as a variety of undertones from purple to green to blue.

Our painting contracts always come with a free color consultation where we can help you choose the perfect hue and tone to compliment the rest of the décor in the room.

Painting & Wallpaper 2016 Painting & Wallpaper 2016

Wallpaper has almost become a fear of many people seeking to update their home décor. But it’s nothing to be afraid of! When used in moderation, wallpaper can be a wonderful way to add texture, color and design to a room.

I love the way this bedroom’s wallpaper adds design and interest at the head of the bed. The rest of their décor – furniture, bedding and framed photos – are all simple, solid colors with little to no pattern, the perfect compliment to the busy pattern of the wallpaper.

Painting & Wallpaper 2016 Painting & Wallpaper 2016 Painting & Wallpaper 2016

Best of 2015: Landscape Design & Painting Highlights

As we move into 2016’s gardening season, let’s take a look back at some of the exciting painting and landscape design projects we did in 2015. As always, it was an honor and joy to help each of these clients beautify their outdoor and indoor living spaces. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate! 773-517-1198

Front Landscaping in Chicago Front Landscaping & Porch Painting in Chicago Front Landscaping & Porch Painting in Chicago Front Landscaping & Porch Painting in Chicago Backyard in Evanston Backyard in Evanston Backyard in Evanston back zoom back from above water feature view from water feature

porch after1


kitchen cabinets 2015

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a fresh look? Try painting your kitchen cabinets. This past December, we painted these kitchen cabinets from a cream color to white. The fresh coat of white paint really brightens the room and the semi-gloss finish makes it easy to clean. Get the most bang for your buck with a little change that transforms the entire room!

kitchen cabinets 2015

4 Seasons Painting & Landscaping offers a variety of painting services for both residential and commercial spaces, as well as deck and porch staining for indoor and outdoor spaces.

A free color consultation is included with every signed painting contract. If you’re unsure what a color will look like once it’s dry or are trying to coordinate with another color in your home or commercial space, we will help you find the color you’re looking for.

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We also offer a wide variety of landscaping services that you can view here.

Landscape Design 3-Year Update

Are 4 seasons of interest really possible in my garden?

This is such a common question and the answer is an emphatic YES!

Just take a look at the front landscape we designed and installed for a client three years ago. The pictures below were taken at the beginning and end of fall. (Click here to see their garden right after we planted.) Though this is just one season, it is easy to see how the colorful evergreens will begin to stand out even more as the shrubs continue to lose their leaves and berries.

southwestern update 3 yrs
Early Fall


Sy garden, early winter (2)
Late Fall

The brilliant foliage and berries of the shrubs in fall that transition into the colorful evergreens and bright red branches in winter ensure that their home has great curb appeal year round.

Below are a few of trees from my own yard. I absolutely love their brilliant fall foliage and often use these trees in my own designs for clients.

The bottom line? Combine the brilliant foliage, bright branches and colorful evergreens with the blooming flowers of spring and summer and you have a garden with 4 seasons of color and interest!

More Porch Painting in Chicago

I repaired this front porch and repainted the steps, porch and doorway to match the façade of the house. This one small project (finished in a day or two) is a great way to brighten up your house’s curb appeal.

front porch before, close front porch stairs, before

One small repair and a couple coats of paint later, and this house looks 100% better! If you are selling your home or are looking for an easy way to quickly improve your curb appeal, this could be the perfect project for you to take on.

front porch after, close

Your entryway is the first thing a potential buyer will see and first impressions set the tone for the rest of the house. With many houses on the market, a clean, well-kept front entryway will attract buyers to check out the rest of your house. On the other hand, an entryway that is an eyesore in need of repair can turn many people away.

front porch after