Painting in Chicago

We just finished painting this condo in Chicago not too long ago. The client wanted to keep most of the walls neutral but we did add an olive green accent wall in the kitchen. We think it adds just the right amount of color and interest to the kitchen while also bringing in some of the tones from the connecting living room. What do you think?

Painting December 2014

Painting December 2014

Painting December 2014

Painting December 2014 Painting December 2014

Call 773-517-1198 to schedule your FREE painting estimate! Every painting contract comes with a free color consultation where I will help you find the colors you are looking for – to compliment the rest of your décor or advise you on what the paint will look like once it’s dry. Quite a few of my clients have found this to be very helpful.

It’s not too early to schedule a landscape design estimate either. Especially since we haven’t gotten much snow this winter, we can take a look in your yard, talk about what you’re looking for and I can put together a design that will be ready to be implemented once the warmer months arrive. If you know you want a new landscape design in the spring, I highly recommend scheduling an estimate now before things start to get busy and my schedule starts to fill up. Call 773-517-1198 or e-mail me to set up your FREE appointment!

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