Painting & Wallpaper Project in Chicago

We finished this painting and wallpaper project in Chicago earlier this year.

Gray is a wonderful choice for a subtle, yet sophisticated color. It adds interest to a room while remaining neutral and understated. Gray also comes in a wide variety of shades from dark to light, as well as a variety of undertones from purple to green to blue.

Our painting contracts always come with a free color consultation where we can help you choose the perfect hue and tone to compliment the rest of the décor in the room.

Painting & Wallpaper 2016 Painting & Wallpaper 2016

Wallpaper has almost become a fear of many people seeking to update their home décor. But it’s nothing to be afraid of! When used in moderation, wallpaper can be a wonderful way to add texture, color and design to a room.

I love the way this bedroom’s wallpaper adds design and interest at the head of the bed. The rest of their décor – furniture, bedding and framed photos – are all simple, solid colors with little to no pattern, the perfect compliment to the busy pattern of the wallpaper.

Painting & Wallpaper 2016 Painting & Wallpaper 2016 Painting & Wallpaper 2016