Put Down That Rake!

Did you know that fallen leaves actually contain excellent nutrients for your soil?  Instead of raking away all that natural fertilizer, you can put it to good use (and save yourself some energy in the process) by … you guessed it, NOT raking!

You now have the perfect excuse!  Leaf mulch is great for feeding your plants and improving your soil quality.  Here are a couple ways to take advantage of that leafy goodness covering your lawn.

Just leave them.  If they don’t bother you, just leave them as they fall and let them slowly decompose and fertilize your lawn.

Mow your leaves.  If you want the goodness without the mess, try mowing high to mulch the leaves right into your lawn.  If you need to rake them, create a pile, run the mower over them and then spread them over your garden to mulch before the winter.

Compost them.  If you have a compost bin, this is another great option as you can add them (or shred them first to speed up the decomposition process) and then add the composted soil to your garden later.

We do still offer garden clean-ups and are happy to clean up your fallen leaves if this is still what you desire.  Give us a call for a free estimate!  773-517-1198

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