Save the Monarchs with a Butterfly-friendly Garden!

MonarchFor a while now, the population of monarchs has been rapidly decreasing as farmers spray pesticides to get rid of weeds, including all types of butterfly weed – the host plant of choice for many butterflies, especially monarchs.

As you begin to plan your garden or landscape, 4 Seasons would like to encourage you to consider planting some of these “weeds” to help conserve these beautiful creatures. As you can see in the pictures below, these plants will not only add gorgeous color to your yard but will attract beautiful butterflies to your space.

Earth conservation is a definite passion of mine and I would be happy to provide a free estimate to anyone who desires to install one or a few of these plants to their garden. Placement and proper installation are key to ensure they grow well and thrive. All garden installations come with care instructions for each plant, shrub and tree as well.

If you would like to help with this initiative even further, visit Make Way for Monarchs.  They have detailed information on legislation affecting the monarchs as well as other events and things you can do to help save these exquisite critters from extinction.

[Photos courtesy of Lurvey’s Plant Finder]