5 Tips for Container Gardens

Container gardens are an excellent way to bring a lot of color to a small amount of space.  Fall is such an inspiring season with the brilliant colors of autumn and nature surrounding us in the trees and leaves.  To bring a little of this brilliance to your own home, you can search for plants and shrubs with beautiful fall foliage to install in your landscape, or you can easily create your own container garden with some of the plants below.  If you prefer the more traditional colors of Spring flowers, there are still many options available to use!  Keep reading for some more tips.

1. Find plants with rich, autumn hues.  I love the deep, bold colors of the varieties of Coleus we used in the container garden pictured below.  Perfect for a shady patio, this container garden’s deep autumn hues add such depth and texture with very little effort.

container garden fall inspiration

Other plants that have beautiful fall-colored foliage and/or blooms are Mums and decorative grasses.  Right now, you can find these in deep or bright oranges, perfect for Halloween décor and/or a seasonal container for your front porch or back deck.

container gardens fall inspiration

2. Don’t be afraid of traditional “Spring” flowers and colors.  Many flowers are still blooming in the fall, such as Pansies, Asters and Daisies.  These come in beautiful shades of pink, purple, gold, and white, offering bright pops of color that will stand out against the deep hues of autumn.

container garden fall inspirationAsters (courtesy of Lurvey Landscaping)

3. Use a variety of blooms and plants for added height and texture.  Decorative grasses and leafy plants like Coleus are great ways to add color, texture and height to your container.  I love to use decorative grasses in containers to add height and variety to the mix.  Look for grasses in deeper greens to coordinate with autumn-hued blooms.  Another unique option I just recently came across are small pepper plants in red, orange or yellow.  I am going back to the store soon to look for some for myself – such a cute way to add a little “flavor” to your container.

4. Look for blooms with a variety in texture and color.  This dahlia (one of my favorites currently growing in my backyard) is a stunning example of subtle, exquisite beauty which is still blooming now.  Dahlias not only come in a variety of colors, but there are a wide range of styles and blooms to choose from.

container gardens fall inspiration

Daisies are another flower that come in a variety of colors and types.  Gerber Daisies, such as the one from my garden pictured below, also add height to the container.

container gardens fall inspiration

5. Use what you have. For my container garden, I like to use whatever containers I have on hand.  They don’t all “match” but the variety of color and design adds so much character to the space and allows me to use a wide variety of flowers and plants.

container gardens fall inspiration

With the temperatures cooling down, you may start to worry about the flower and plant selection at your local garden center, but I want to assure you that there are still many beautiful blooms and plants to choose from that can bring pops of color and texture to any space.  Container gardens are some of my favorite ways to work with different plants, be creative and bring charm and beauty to a small space.  If you’d like help in creating some of your own container gardens, give me a call for a free estimate.  I’d love to help!

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