Tips for Winter Lawn & Garden Care

The past few days have not felt much like winter here in Chicago, but for as much as we’d like spring to be here soon, we still have some time to go.  With the snow melted and warmer temperatures, it might be a good time for you to do a few of the tasks you may have put off or forgotten about.

Move your garden decorations, such as urns or other containers, into the garage or basement to protect them from damage from the cold.  If they’re too large/heavy, turn them upside down to prevent water collection or cover them with a bag.

To preserve the wood on the handles of your garden tools, paint them a variety of colors.  Using bright colors like red or orange and avoiding greens and browns will also make it easier to locate them when you’re gardening and set them down in the grass.

Start a record of which plants do and do not do well in your garden.  If you’re just getting into gardening, save it for the spring and summer months and jot down your observations.  If you can remember your garden from last year, take some time to jot down your notes.  This will help as you plan your garden for the coming spring and summer.

Finally, don’t wait too late to order your seeds!  Many of the more common varieties can sell out quickly.

Happy gardening!